UCC Navigator

Navigate the Complexity of EU Customs Legislation with Ease

An extremely useful feature of the UCC Navigator is the visual overview of legislative linkages provided through our vast collection of interactive infographics.

Click on links to navigate through to the corresponding provisions or simply hover over them for more information.

Eliminate manual research by navigating the EU Customs legislation with ease and instantly see how articles influence and are influenced by related provisions.

Navigate the Union Customs Code, Implementing Act, Delegated Act and Transitional Delegated Act in multiple languages

Effortlessly search and navigate these four very complex pieces of customs legislation in your own language.

This essential feature will make finding specific areas of legislation even easier.

Switching between languages is available on all legislation and search pages so you can find a section in one language and then easily switch to a different language without losing your place - this is perfect for locating terms and provisions, and identifying the corresponding terms in another language.

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